What Is The Purpose Of Nuclear medicine Scan In The Cancer?


Nuclear medicine used to scans the patient those who are facing a problem with cancer. The doctors find tumors and see how much cancer has spread in the body called cancer’s stage with the help of it. They may also be used to determine if treatment is working. 

These tests are painless and generally done as an outpatient method. The particular type of nuclear scan are there that used depended on which organ the doctor wants to look scan. 

Some Of The Nuclear Medicine Scans Most Regularly Used For Cancer Are Shown Below:

  • Bone scans
  • PET (positron emission tomography) scans
  • Thyroid scans
  • MUGA (multigated acquisition) scans
  • Gallium scans

What Is The Use Of Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear scans body part to get images based on the body’s chemistry rather than on physical fitness and forms imaging test. These scans use liquid materials called radionuclides that clear low levels of radiation. Body tissues attacked by certain diseases, such as cancer that may receive more or less of the tracer than normal tissues. 

Special cameras pick up the pattern of radiation to create images that show where the tracer travels and where it collects. Utilize Nuclear Medicine Journal to know more information. 

If you think that is cancer, the tumor may show up on the images as a “hot spot” – an area of enhanced cell activity and tracer uptake. Depending on the kind of scan done, the tumor might rather be a “cold spot” – a site of decreased uptake. 

Nuclear scans may not detect tiny tumors, and cannot always tell whether a tumor is a cancer. These scans can show unusual internal organ and tissue problems great than other imaging tests, but they do not provide very detailed images on their own.

Where Are Nuclear Medicine Scans Commonly Used?

Bone Scans: 

Bone scans done for cancers that may have spread from other places to the bones. They can usually find bone changes much earlier than routine x-rays. The tracer gathers in the bone over a few hours and then the scans start after that. 

Positron Emission Tomography Scans: 

This scans usually use to know radioactive sugar levels. Body cells take in different amounts of sugar, depending on how quick they are growing. Cancer cells, which grow fast, are more likely to take up larger quantities of the sugar than normal cells before this scan doctor asks not to drink any sugary liquids for several hours before the test.

CT Scans: 

Doctors often use tools that combine a PET scan with a CT scan. PET/CT scanners give a report on any areas of increased cell activity as well as show more information in these areas (from the CT). This helps doctors pinpoint tumors. But they also show the patient to more radiation.

Thyroid Scans: 

Before this scan doctor provides you Radioactive iodine to swallowed by a patient. It goes into the bloodstream and gathers in the thyroid gland. This scan can be used to decide thyroid cancers. Radioactive iodine can also be worked to treat thyroid cancer. This test may not work if you take materials that contain iodine like seaweed, multivitamins, cough syrups, or certain heart medicines. 

Nuclear Medicine Can Be Used In Another Form Like:

  • It decides whether organs are functioning normally or not.
  • Show whether the blood supply to the heart sufficiently or not.
  • It identifies the cancers at an early stage,
  • Moreover, it limits the extent of cancer and assesses the reply of cancer to treatment,
  • Determine whether the heart can pump blood sufficiently,
  • Recognize abnormal brain lesions without exploratory surgery,
  • identify whether the brain is receiving an adequate blood supply and if brain cells are working or not,
  • check whether or not kidneys are functioning normally and whether the stomach is emptying correctly,
  • determine lung function and bone density and
  • locate a bone fracture before it can see on an X-ray.


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