Ways in Which Graphic Designers Can Master Instagram for Their Work


As soon as the graphic designers have the portfolio ready, the next important step that they have to take is putting out the word to the world about the work that they have done. Previously, it was extremely difficult for the designers to network as well as promote their work and it was also extremely expensive. If the current scenario is considered, social media is used for promoting the work for free and the promotions are done in a much better manner. The only thing that you have to do is invest a little more time than usual behind promoting all your work. Social media has a lot to offer and it is your duty to reap the benefits that it is constantly offering.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms with millions of users who are constantly selling themselves in order to gain recognition and boost the awareness of their brands. Instagram is completely visual and it is perfect for the designers to keep posting their work constantly. Instagram is one of the best places for promoting all the design services.

If you are a graphics designer, Instagram is undoubtedly the first and most important place where you can promote the designs. The visual design formats of Instagram are considered to be one of the best social networking platforms for creative self-promotion. The millions of active users on Instagram are also known to value design and art. You are also going to get loads of encouragement from Instagram. When you are posting on Instagram, it is considered perfect to post your work once every day. Anything that is more in Instagram is considered to be over posting and spamming the followers. According to www.sessions.edu, designers normally post their work only once or three times in one week.

In order to receive the best possible engagement from Instagram, it is crucial that you have a proper understanding of certain crucial things that will help in increasing engagement and boosting the awareness of your brand. Given below is a list of the tips that you should consider before you start posting your work on Instagram. It is also important that you follow the tips in an intelligent manner so that you can observe your success.

Choosing a particular time for posting your work

The time when you are posting a particular design is known to make a lot of difference in the audience reception. You are going to find out that your followers are online before their work, during their lunchtime, towards evening after their work ends, or later during the night before going off to bed. If you want to promote the work that you are doing in some other geographic region, it is important that you conduct a research on the time zones of these particular places and post in accordance to the schedule that they are following constantly. If you post at any other time of the day when your followers are not active, chances are that your post will not gain much likes or comments and it will become difficult for you to promote the work that you are doing. To know more about Instagram and graphic designing, you can go through https://gramblast.com.

Making use of hashtags

Building an audience on Instagram is not a difficult task but building an audience who are actually interested in your work is one of the most daunting tasks on Instagram. In order to spread the word about your work, you have the option of connecting with fellow graphic designers or your potential clients with the help of hashtags. However, you cannot just end up using any hashtag that has no relevance to your work or even with graphics designing.

Before you start using hashtags, it is your duty to research about the ones that are popular and are constantly being used by the other graphic designers and potential clients for spreading the word about the work. Familiarizing yourself with hashtags is extremely beneficial. Whenever you are posting your designs, you can add the popular hashtags so that it becomes easier for people to discover you. One of the best strategies that you can follow is including the broad hashtags, which are searched often.

If you have started gaining enough popularity, you can also create unique hashtags for your work, which will go one-step ahead in helping you build the brand. Moreover, it is going to become easier for the people to look for the work that is done only by you and not numerous other graphic designers. Ensure that you are including enough hashtags for making your work discoverable but you should not stuff as many hashtags as possible. When you have just started promoting your work, it is alright but it is not advisable to use numerous hashtags always. You need to understand that everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Do not use more than 10 hashtags for each post.

Describing your work and presenting it

Whenever you are posting a design, you have to describe your work in brief and ensure that you are also including a link to your portfolio, so that people can view the other designs that you have done as well. You also need to have a proper idea about the perfect Instagram image size and post accordingly. You have the option of presenting the work that you are doing with the help of a mockup or exactly as you have in the portfolio.

Another strategy that you can follow is spanning three Instagram tiles for displaying your work. Only posting your work can make your Instagram account look extremely monotonous so you can sometimes include the photos of yourself or your workplace. However, you need to ensure that you are not doing it often. When people are going to like your designs, they will be interested in everything that you are posting.


The main objective of the graphic designers should be to present their work in a creative manner and tell their story as creative individuals. As a graphic designer, you can also constantly experiment and come up with various ways of expressing yourself. With time, it will be easy for you to connect with like-minded people on Instagram.


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