Visiting Cards Can Make A Huge Difference! Know How

Visiting Cards Can Make A Huge Difference! Know How - EliteBlogz
Visiting Cards Can Make A Huge Difference! Know How - EliteBlogz

Visiting cards or business cards makes an integral part of any business. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small firm or big company or you are a sole proprietor, having a visiting card is crucial. These small cards are an effective way to make new connections and retain old ones. They have a lot of information about you and the way it presents itself can help you win new deals.

Visiting cards are especially necessary in today’s digital world. We sign contract, attend meetings and talk on emails using the internet. But the personal touch is missing from all these. And that is why visiting card will never go out of style. Giving out visiting cards is like connecting with your clients in an intimate manner.

If you are still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why visiting cards still matter.

1. Swapping information using visiting cards seems personal

When we swap our visiting card with someone, our main purpose is networking. It is all about making real and genuine connections with our future clients and customers. With a visiting card this is possible. Also, they have all the relevant details which make a good first impression. All this is hard to create when you send details via email. Sure, it’s convenient, but it seems really impersonal. If you want to develop a connection that lasts for long, be real. Engage in a conversation, and visiting cards provide the perfect reason to start a conversation.

2. They are great marketing tool

Visiting cards are an effective and direct marketing tool. Why? Because you can meet prospective clients and customers anywhere- restaurants, concerts and so on. And when you share your visiting card with them after having a real conversation about your project, they will remember you. They might not notice their phones or check emails, but whenever they will see your card, they will think about it.

3. It’s the brand’s and your first impression

A business card is the first contact a client will have with your business. It is not limited to your phone number or email address. It contains information about your brand, its logo, and slogan. It creates an impression in the mind of the customer. When they have problems/queries related to your industry, that impression will help them call you back. But for all this, you need a good card. Don’t be cheap while designing them. Use good quality paper, readable font and color and most importantly accurate and relevant information.

4. A unique card continue to market for you

A visiting card is a physical object, and if they stand out with their design and all, people remember them. So, not only they use it when they need help, but they pass it on. If they like the impression your card and conversation made on them, they will recommend you to others. It is something that lacks with the digital sharing of data. You feed a number and email, but you tend to forget about them as they are tangible assets.

5. Having a Visiting card means you are always prepared

Imagine a scenario when you met a person, and he/she requires a service that you provide. Now, at such times it won’t look good to share information on a napkin. Phones would work, but what if it doesn’t have a battery or you write the details on a paper, but they might lose it.

You can avoid all this with a simple visiting card. Having a bundle of them prepares you for any situation. Moreover, it shows that you are a professional that takes their business seriously.

Tips for a creating an effective visiting card

  • Don’t clutter it: Use the information that is crucial, don’t fill the whole card with words. It would make it hard to find relevant data.
  • Leave the back blank: The standard visiting card has all the information in the front while keeping the back empty. If you are confident, you can have your logo on the back. Personally, I prefer blank space as it can help the client write some extra useful information.
  • Standard size: They have a standard size of 2 by 3.5, and you should always use that only.
  • Add a photo: Adding a photo of yourself in the card makes it easier for people to remember you.

A visiting card is a great and personal medium for promoting your brand. So, keep a handful of them with you all the time. These small cards have a lot of power and reach. If designed well with relevant details, they can make a great first impression. If you not very artistic, you can use the free Canva tool that provides hundreds of beautiful visiting card designs that require minimum customization. It has different tools, templates, and features to help you create an effective card


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