Planning A Corporate New Year Party


As the New Year approaches, everyone is excited and in anticipation of the mysteries and surprises that it holds. Be it at home or in the office, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great enthusiasm by people around the globe.

Conducting a corporate New Year’s Eve party can be a great occasion for all your employees to come together and interact in a more cordial atmosphere.

However, when it comes to planning a successful corporate New Year party, things can get quite challenging. There are many things that are needed to be taken care of while preparing for the party. It might consume all of your time and energy.

Most enterprises prefer handing over this responsibility to professional event planners. It is not only convenient but the event is also well planned and managed according to your ideas and specifications. There are many f1 corporate entertainment event planners who include the f1 sport in your corporate events to make it fun.

Imagine having a formula one themed New Year’s Eve?

If not this, here are some tips that will help you make the New Year celebrations in your office a grand success.

1: Send Invitations

If you are planning a New Year party for your employees, it is firstly important to send out formal invitations to everyone working in your company. Start off by making a list of people who you need to invite for the event.

Although it is an office party and a given that everyone from the staff to the superiors will be included, making a clear-cut list of all the guests makes it a lot easier to send formal invitations for a party without missing out anyone.

You can send official emails to everyone or create invitations using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure that you have included all the minute details such as the time and venue of the event.

Specify the theme and any specific dress code that the employees need to follow. If you want to include the family members of your employees, then make sure that you specify the same in the invitations.

2: Decorations for the corporate New Year party

Since office spaces are generally used for working and discussing serious corporate matters, your New Year party will need a complete change in atmosphere. This is where decorations play a major role.  

Make the venue colourful, vibrant and glittering. Do not hold yourself from back using the most extravagant colour combinations of the season. Just remember, the fancier the better! Hang some streamers and banners that say “Happy New Year 2019” on it. Incorporate multiple coloured balloons and ribbons that could hang from the ceilings, walls and some that could float around the room.

Light some scented candles and add confetti decorations that give out a festive look and feel to the atmosphere. Additionally, you can put up a New Year Tree as a central decoration at the venue. Also, decorate it with bells, lights and stars.

3: Food Ideas

You can have multiple cuisines for your guests to munch on while they count down the magical moments of the New Year. Have a variety of finger foods for your guests to enjoy throughout the event. You can include alcohol, cocktails, soft drinks and juices, everything that your guests can enjoy according to their personal taste.

4: Music and dance entertainment

No party, especially a New Year party, is complete without some fun and frolic. So volume up and let everyone’s wilder side come out this evening. Let all the employees shed their inhibitions and dance to some of the top songs of the year.

5: Games for the party

Lighten up the mood by playing some fun and exciting games on the New Year’s Eve. Some of the most entertaining games can be,

  • What’s my resolution
  • Strike a light
  • The vicar’s cat
  • The grouping game
  • Funny face contest

With these tips, your office New Year party could be one of the best memorable events of the year for everyone involved. You can also incorporate some creative ideas of your own, giving the event a special and unique touch. Involve as many people as you can in every stage of the planning and organisation of the party. Have everyone contribute to the success of this event. This will certainly increase the spirit of unity among your employees.


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