Instagram Social Media Marketing – Playbook To Drive Results From Top Profiles

Instagram Social Media Marketing – Playbook To Drive Results From Top Profiles - EliteBlogz
Instagram Social Media Marketing – Playbook To Drive Results From Top Profiles - EliteBlogz

Right across the globe, there are more than 1 billion Instagram users. Over 500 million of the users are using this platform on a daily basis on every single day. You will be able to share average of around 95 million video and photos per day. It is true that those are huge numbers and no matter whoever the audience is, you will surely be able to reach them through the IG platform. So, the main question popping up in your mind is how you can promote business on Instagram?

How can you possibly stand out among the other 95 million photos, as posted on daily basis? How can some of the amateur and non-designer photographers are able to create beautiful content right for the IG? These are some of the many questions you might want to get answer of when the main concern is improving followers for Instagram and their counts in general.

Why Instagram though?

Boasting right over 500 million daily and active users, Instagram has some of the best potentials for the marketers out there. However, the potential in the IG lies in the behavior of the user and not quite on the number. Instagram users often like to connect with brands.

Research has shown that brands do enjoy various numbers of distinct benefits and advantages right on the network. If you want to be a part of it then focusing on some statistics would like to help you big time.

  • It is rather shocking to realize that on Instagram, brands have the liberty to enjoy around a regular engagement of 4% of total followers. If you compare that with the other networks like Twitter and Facebook, engagement will be less than 0.1%.
  • Around 70% of the IG users will report of having to look up on a brand on this platform.
  • Another source from Iconosquare will help you to get 62% users follow a brand on the IG.
  • Around 36% of the marketers will use IG, when compared to the 93% of marketers who will use Facebook, which is a less number in this regard.

Social media is known and proven to influence the current purchase decisions. If you ever get lucky to find the right mix of content, then the audience will just soak it up right. They might even buy from you without need for any sales pitch or hard push. It is always what you call the marketers’ dream. If you still need some more convincing, then you can take a look at what marketers have to say about IG. If you have a connection on personal level with any of the marketers out there, you can ask for the honest opinion.

Formula behind the IG success:

Success for all the businesses on IG will completely rely on over simply publishing few of the nice-looking images. You might have to get some other elements involved in this category, such as consistent frequency, clear vision and strategy, clear visual style and familiarity with the audiences. When you end up combining these ingredients, IG will end up delivering huge results for the businesses out there.

Create your very own IG marketing strategy:

Whether you are just new in this field of Instagram and starting to share the first post, or are established already and looking to boost presence on platform, it is always important to start with clear goals in the mind. Setting up goals will help in defining strategy on Instagram and create content that will help you in achieving targets.

  • There are some common ones that teams, brands and individuals tend to choose are showcasing products or services, building the community and increasing awareness of brand.
  • Marketers are using IG to showcase the company values and culture and advertise to some of the potential customers. The services associated with IG helps in increasing brand loyalty and sharing company updates and news.

It is always best to choose either one or two goals for the IG profile, maybe from above list or custom goal of choosing. For helping to decide which goals might make sense, it is always mandatory to choose some questions.

  • The first question is why you are using Instagram. You better know how IG can help you in achieving the overall marketing goal.
  • You better check out the budget and time you can have for committing to IG. How does this IG offer you with something different to some others.

Some goals to cover:

There are some promising goals associated with the field of Instagram based marketing strategy. You better check out the goals right to understand if those are visibly made suitable for you or not.

  • The main goal is always to build and then nurture engaging community of the Buffer users and even supporters. For ensuring that you get to reach the goal, the team has a set target of just reaching out and featuring work of the community members on weekly basis. In case, for example, you are doing that 52 weeks on yearly basis, that will remain between 208 to 312 people that you have connected on one-on-one basis.
  • The second main goal for the Instagram marketing strategy is to increase engagement continually on every one of the said posts. At present, the engagement rate, which is average engagement per post or number of followers in some of the major areas, will be around 2%. It is somewhat a bit higher when compared to the industrial standards. During that time, the pros in this sector are focusing on producing some of the premium quality IG content so that the engagement rates over here will remain still or just above the current benchmark.

For the first timers dealing with marketing strategy for IG, things might not work out as planned. For them, heading towards some help will work out just great. Be sure to check out the available options from online source and things will start working out right in your favor.


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