Here’s How To Schedule An Ideal Daily Routine For Your Dog

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Scheduling a daily routine for your dog will not only make them happy but it is also good for both of you. This way, you can set a particular time for their feeding, playing around and other activities and plan your day accordingly.  

Once you schedule a routine for your furry friend, they will get accustomed to following it. Trust us when we say, your pet will love it as well.

In this post, we have described how you can make your dog eat, play, sleep and repeat all on time.

Read along to know more about how this can be done!  

1. Set a play time

Just like kids, dogs like to play too. Playing with toys will make your pooch mentally and physically fit while also keeping them happy and active. If you are someone with a busy schedule, you can enrol your pup in doggie daycare or with a pet sitter near your home. And when you get back from work, you can give them a short walk and have your own time playing around.

If you keep your pup busy for the entire day, they will wake up on the crack of the dawn and go to sleep when the sun goes down, just like you do.

2. Fix a time for sleep

The requirement of sleep can differ from one breed to another but usually, dogs sleep for 16 to 19 hours a day. Although dogs are more alert and active than human beings, they sleep more.

But again, how much they sleep and how frequently they wake will depend on their activities and schedule.

Generally, a pet dog sleeps more than a dog who works on a farm or in rescue operations. However, how much a dog sleep depends on their environment. Some pups sleep purely out of boredom, just like we do.

3. Make them eat well

Most of the dogs like to be fed once or twice a day but there is no particular dictating strict feeding time. Dogs of smaller breeds eat more often as compared to those from a bigger breed. It means the younger the pup is, the more they’ll eat.

4. Set time for their daily business

Usually, our furry friends like to do their business at least thrice in a day – once in every 8 hours or so. For a small dog, this count could be different or lesser.

However, some dogs are capable of holding their urine for a long time until they get the chance to go out and free themselves.  Small puppies need to go out more often than adults. It becomes more important if you are house training your furry buddy.

5. Maintain timely clipping

Just as food, water, playtime and walking, regular clipping is also essential to keep your pooch healthy and active. So make sure that a quality dog clipper is being used every time you groom your pup. Also, be mindful of their soft, sensitive skin while trimming.

Once you figure and set out all the activities for your dog, it’s time to fix a time for each task.  For example, if you wake up at 6 o’clock, make a habit of taking them for a 10-minute walk between 7 to 7.30.

After returning from the walk, check their water bowl and feed them once. Between 8 to 9, when they have had their meal, let them go out to defecate. Now after 9, they are done with their morning routine so it’s time to take a small nap.

After some rest, set a time for them to go out and play. Your puppy is likely to sleep around for a good part of the afternoon. It’s playtime, dinner time and drinks time till 7.30. Meanwhile, make sure that their bowl is full of fresh water at all times.

And now, when the playing and feeding are done, it’s time for them to play with kids, watch TV and follow you around while bonding with other members of the family till their nap time.

This routine will not only keep them disciplined but also make them fit, happy and active.


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