Here’s How Tech Has Influenced Holiday Shopping


With the market being filled with a variety of products, it’s time to think ahead of holiday shopping to make the festive season more enjoyable. Now, with millions of products available to you at the nick of a click, shopping has become way more easy and convenient.

No matter which country you live in, online customers are increasing at a rapid speed which clearly shows their interest towards being digital. While online shopping is taking a bigger piece of the shopping pie, customers are appreciating their frictionless experience.

If you see shopping records of the past few years, it won’t be wrong to say that there is a tremendous increase in the percentage of online buyers. More to the point, this increase is expected to continue for the next few years. Also, the e-commerce industry is expected to reach a level up from its current position.

That said, we now know how huge is the impact of technology on holiday shopping and we’d like to share the same with you as well. Below we’ve mentioned a few things that will help you understand it a bit better.

1. Millennials are depending more on their mobiles

According to a survey conducted by RetailMeNot, published on their website, millennials are highly comfortable and showing more interest in shopping through their mobile as compared to the people of other age groups.

Well, why wouldn’t they be? When it comes to shopping, all that one looks for is variety, discounts, quality and availability of products. For the consumers’ sake, when all of these things are available online, making their shopping experience way too easy and convenient, why would they ever say NO to it, eh?

2. Apps and websites are playing a crucial role

According to the retailers, saving apps and websites’ names in the mobile has turned out to be more effective, especially during holiday seasons. Also with the constant growth of e-commerce, which is not just limited to a particular country or industry, it is safe to say that as compared to other forms of digital purchases, mobile purchases have proved to be successful.

What’s more, the increase in the number of online consumers has been rippling all around the world!

3. The shopping centres are shifting

Black Friday was considered as the biggest shopping day for retailers when e-commerce was not even introduced. And when people started purchasing online, Cyber Monday and Black Friday helped to push the trend even further. Not only this, it also helped increase the span of the holiday shopping season, whilst fueling it to start earlier than usual.

4. Gen Z is changing e-commerce

There’s no doubt that generation Z still prefers to shop at brick and mortar shops, but retailers still have to be a bit tech-savvy in order to lure more customers.

People of generation Z are either buying from malls or going in for the ‘buy online, pick up offline’ option. In either case, brick and mortar retailers have to familiarise themselves at least a little with technology, if not whole, in order to retain their potential customers.

5. Travelling is almost digital now

No one can deny the fact that people are gradually moving towards digitisation – from booking tickets to shopping, everything can be done by simply touching your mobile screen a few times.

Now, people do not need to get their itineraries from travel agents, they can simply save it in their phones. That said, the role of a travel agent has been replaced by smartphones that too very smartly.  

6. The online payment system is streamlining online shopping

There are hundreds of payment gateways that provide easy online transactions along with the security of information. Whether you are shopping online or paying a bill, these payment systems help you get the transaction process very smoothly that too with minimum efforts.

Not only that, sending money to your friends or family members has also become much easier now. Even many businesses are supporting online transactions by giving discounts.

More to this, some shopping websites have played a great role in increasing the popularity of being online. Websites like eBay, Amazon and Flipkart to name a few, have become a vital part of our lives and provide us with almost all the products from a promotional pen to large furniture pieces.

Looking at the tremendous growth of the online market in the present decade, you can imagine how big the online market would turn by the time we reach 2030. So, go online and have fun shopping!


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