3 Things You Must Know about Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Breast carcinoma or ductal carcinoma is one of the common types of breast cancer in women, developing in the milk ducts connecting the nipples. Women plagued with this ailment are usually young below the age bracket of 45 years. There are many questions about how the disease will affect their careers, sex life, relationships, and ability to raise their kids. The age at which breast cancer is diagnosed is 61 years in America. The disease can make women feel uncomfortable about their femininity and the way they feel. According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, women should dress up in a way that makes them feel beautiful and comfortable. Women should also take adequate rest and catch up some sleep when they need it the most. Read on to learn about the three most important things about breast cancer.

1. Early diagnosis may not cure cancer

It is true that breast cancer is related to a better diagnosis. However, it is not an assured cure. Studies show that that 20 percent to 30 percent of patients plagued with breast cancer later develop metastatic cancer. It is a condition when cancer spreads to different and distant sites in the human body. Though medical science has advanced in the last couple of years, there is no cure for metastatic cancer of the breast. However, there is hope because research is performed to detect breast cancer and find ways for a cure.

2. It is not a single disease

When it comes to breast cancer, it may spread further than the ductal cells or the milk ducts in women, thus affecting the neighboring breast tissues and can affect the other parts of the body. It means that breast cancer is not just one ailment. Many people are not aware of the same. In fact, there are many forms and subtypes of breast cancer such as estrogen positive, HER2-positive, invasive and non-invasive, inflammatory breast cancer, and triple negative. Different ailments undergo different treatment based on what will work best for a particular kind of cancer. A young woman diagnosed may have different treatment compared to someone who is older. The prognosis methods may also differ from one person to the other. It is because of the more belligerent nature of the disease in young adults.

3. Women preferring to have the breast removed

Today a rising number of women with breast cancer are opting to have the unaffected breast taken away. Studies show that most of the participating patients made this hard choice to reduce the chances of developing cancer in the other breast. Many women also believe that it will help them survive and live longer. However, research show that women having cancer in one breast with the unaffected one removed did not improve chances of survival. It means a lot of misconceptions prevail among educated women too; who think breast removal is the way to survive.


If you know someone plagued with breast cancer, it is time to become aware and opt for medical attention right away.


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